Dark Fibre

Dark fibre from The Loop is a compelling city-wide solution for carriers, datacentres, telcos, mobile operators, media companies and others who need to move large volumes of data quickly, securely and reliably.

Based on our own 110Km+ of fibre extending right across Manchester, we deliver dedicated fibre direct to your locations, offering bandwidth up to 1Gbit at a fraction of the cost of other providers. You also have the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down as you need to keep pace with your business and give you better control of costs.

Because our network is deep underground in its own ductwork you won’t suffer the disruptions to which more common shallow depth fibre is prone. With multiple fibre rings under the city we can also offer you the extra assurance of diverse routing to keep your important data traffic moving. And should you need it, you’ll find support from The Loop to be fast, friendly and efficient thanks to our Manchester-based engineers who are just a local phone call away.

Already reaching datacentres, business hubs, media campuses and other key points across the city, and growing all the time, our own Manchester-based team can provision your fibre remarkably quickly. If we don’t currently serve your location we’ll plan a custom solution and deliver it on time.

Download our case studies:

LDeX Data Centre 

The Sharp Project and The Space Project